You all say I've crossed a line, but the sad fact is I've lost my mind -

I might hitckhike to santiago de compostela this summer. 

I add this woman on facebook (she’s in ther 30’s (I think)) because she promised me a job at a festival but now we’re talking about how she was in therapy a few years ago and how she cheated on one of her ex-boyfriends with the singer of a belgian band and I have honestly no idea where it went wrong. 

just to be clear: I am not pretentious, I just lit all those sigarettes


is there anyone who does really like the scene? and who they screened as characters? pleasse start the conversation in my ask box.

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i kind of imagined him as a sweet, alex turner type character

maybe a better leather jacket would help

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wilde je me nog overtuigen met het boek of

ja lees dat wel!

THANK YOU. Everyone else seems excited about it and I’m like NOPE. NOPE NOPE SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK SICKLY AND AUGUST IS ALL WRONG

that’s another thing. I am not saying that everyone with cancer looks terribly sick, but she’s in a quite far phase of her disease and they still make her look like this perfect american teenager

the leather jacket is the worst of everything tbh

I read The Fault in Our Stars and I quite liked it and I was quite excited to go see it in Amsterdam this summer but I just saw the ‘it’s a metaphor’ scene AND WHAT THE FUCK I ALREADY HATE THIS FUCKING AUGUST IN HIS UGLY LEATHER JACKET THIS  JUST TOTALLY KILLED IT 

Anonymous asked: can I have ur face?

what are you gonna do with two faces?

Anonymous asked: Nederland heeft de drie kussen bedacht om alles ongemakkelijk te maken. Het is mij ook een paar keer overkomen, best wel awkward ja haha

het is best raar eigenlijk dat we deze gewoonte hebben, want verder houden ‘wij’ als nederlander helemaal niet zo van lichamelijk contact.

one other awkward moment was when I was in france and made a lot of french friends and it was the last day and I was going to say bye so I walked up to them and they were like bonjour and then they all gave me two kisses on the cheeks boys and girls because they always do and when they all kissed me I was like ok I am going home and they were like au revoir and then I had to kiss them all again and they were with many so I spend more time kissing people then actually being like ok bye

one of the most awkward moments of my life was when I met cerys’ mum, walked up to her and gave her three kisses on the cheeks like we do in the netherlands and she was like what’s happening here and I was like oh and then she was like yeah we don’t do that here and then I was like oh